Experiential, Video, Curation
Wells Fargo: Winterscape
A Symphony of Delight and Ethereal Wonder

Agencies: Wasserman, Infinity Cube Studios by Rochambeau
Motion Designer/3D Artist: Stu Ballinger
Role: Creative Consultant, Talent Acquisition, Art Director

Captivating Bliss at Hudson Yards

In a captivating collaboration with Wasserman and Infinity Cube Studios by Rochambeau, our collective embarked on a quest to fashion an enchanting and celestial encounter for the holiday season at the renowned Hudson Yards in New York. Imbued with boundless imagination, we ventured alongside the ingenious minds of Wasserman’s creative team and the visionary maestro behind Infinity Cube, Dave Cicirelli. I meticulously curated a group of motion designers and 3D artists, each possessing artistic prowess that harmonized perfectly with the essence of the Infinity Cube experience, captivating the audience in a spellbinding manner.

Within the realm of our collective expedition, one artist’s splendid craftsmanship stood out among the rest. Stu Ballinger’s crystalline artistry seamlessly intertwined with the team’s visionary landscapes of snowflakes, weaving a tapestry of wintry majesty. Collaborating harmoniously with Stu and Dave, we dedicated ourselves to intricately molding the design and motion, pouring our creative energies into refining each sequence. Through this collaboration, we were able to deliver an unparalleled and enchanting holiday odyssey that would leave a lasting impression on all who experienced it.