Branding, Print, Digital
Nostalgia King
Branding an international personality.

Agency: P&P Studio
Creative Director, Design Lead

Delivering Analog Music and Memories

It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to brand a person; especially an internationally acclaimed DJ and media personality.

DJ Skeme Richards is a world renown DJ, collector and cultural preservationist. Looking to elevate his brand, he came to us to develop an identity that spoke to the warmth of the nostalgic feeling involved in every aspect of his work.

Delving deep into DJ Skeme Richards’ projects and personality, we came up with the idea of using the milkman as a part of his new brand. The milkman is an icon of American nostalgia—always welcome, evoking the delivery of wholesome goodness with a smile. This is the perfect brand embodiment for the Nostalgia King as it delivers good music with a smile.

Concept Inspiration


Character Icon

In addition to developing the main brand identity, we were tasked with created a look and logos for the Nostalgia King sub-brands, products and spin-offs. One of these such brands was the video series The Drop: Conversations Over Beef, in which Skeme Richards interviews guest at top tier burger locations.