Experiential, Video
Evian Club Hydration
A Sparkling Oasis in the Desert Night

Agencies: Hunter PR, All Valley Yacht Club, Infinity Cube Studios by Rochambeau
Role: Creative Consultant, Video & Motion Design

Effervescent Escape

In collaboration with Infinity Cube Studios by Rochambeau, we set out on a mission to create a mesmerizing motion identity video experience for “Club Hydration” – Evian’s sensational platform at Coachella: Tao Desert Nights and other exclusive nightlife events.

Our vision fused seamlessly with the glamorous environmental design of All Valley Yacht Club, immersing guests in a world of effervescence and unparalleled excitement. The result? A captivating blend of artistry and technology that attracted celebrities like Olivia Culpo, adding an extra sparkle to the already dazzling atmosphere.