Experiential, Environmental, Video, Curation
Audible: The Sandman Dream Portal
Stepping into Another Realm

Agencies: Civic Entertainment, Infinity Cube Studios by Rochambeau
Creative Consultant, Curator

Dreamscapes Unveiled: An Immersive Journey into the Sandman Universe

In partnership with Civic Entertainment and Infinity Cube Studios by Rochambeau, we embarked on a remarkable endeavor to manifest the essence of Audible’s Sandman: Act III into a fully immersive experience. Stepping into this otherworldly realm, event-goers found themselves guided by the captivating voices of both myself and the illustrious cast of the audio book.

Drawing upon my passion for art, design, and the Sandman graphic novels, I had the privilege of serving as a creative consultant and curator for this extraordinary endeavor. It was my endeavor to ensure that every facet of the experience remained true to the essence of the Sandman franchise, an homage to its enigmatic and fantastical nature.

From the inception of creative concepts for the various rooms to the meticulous curation of artists for the crescendo room, our aim was to transport visitors into a realm where dreams and nightmares converge. Every step of the journey was infused with a profound reverence for the Sandman legacy, and a commitment to delivering an experience that would resonate with devotees and newcomers alike.

Together, with Civic Entertainment, Infinity Cube Studios, and the collective talent of all involved, we brought forth an immersive encounter that transcended mere storytelling. It became a testament to the boundless power of imagination and the transformative nature of art. It is my sincere hope that those who ventured into this extraordinary realm found themselves enchanted and forever altered by the magic of the Sandman.

Above: Reference and loose concept rendering for the Realm of Despair.

In the twisted tapestry of the Realm of Despair, actors portrayed suffering souls reaching out from stretch fabric walls, while floating window frames revealed haunting images of despair through polarized film, leaving a lasting impact on visitors.

The Gallery of Dreams and Nightmares

In collaboration with the visionary mind behind Infinity Cube, Dave Cicirelli, I undertook the task of curating a selection of digital artists from across the globe. Their works, masterfully displayed within the immersive sculpture, created what can only be described as a “Gallery of Dreams and Nightmares.” Each piece served as a visual testament to the vast and intricate tapestry that encompasses the Sandman universe.